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40 Days to Personal Revolution: Week 5 - CENTERING

The theme for the fifth week of 40 Days to Personal Revolution was CENTERING.

Specific to the program, centering was originally defined as the practice of coming out of one’s thoughts and emotions, and becoming present to what is happening. However, based on the week’s events, centering has been redefined to mean LIVE YOUR LIFE.

A key member of the yoga studio and Houston yoga community lost her battle to cancer. It was her fifth battle.

Her name was Marcy. Marcy was a larger than life personality that lived her life without bounds. She spent every minute of her days contributing to others as a lawyer and yoga teacher. She also founded and successfully ran a non-profit organization called Peach Outreach.

Peach Outreach is a 501(c)(3) corporation committed to raising awareness about endometrial (uterine) cancer and other gynecologic cancers. The funds from donations support research and education to advance early diagnosis and treatment. Funding also supports the quality of life for endometrial cancer and other gynecologic cancer patients, survivors and their families.

Marcy did not let cancer stop her from living her life. Instead, she made living a priority. She prioritized her living by not holding back.

She did not play it safe. She did not decide to wait for a “better moment.” She lived for today and encouraged others to do the same.

This brings me to several questions:

How many times have you played it safe?

How many times have you held yourself back in business and personal life?

How many times have you stopped yourself from attending networking events because you thought they would be a waste of time?

How many times did you stop yourself from pursuing a client, taking out a line of credit, or outsourcing a business process because you wanted to wait until the time was right?

Now for a different set of questions:

What if you didn’t play it safe? What if you took a risk or two?

What if you took out a line of credit for your business?

What if you went to that networking event?

What if you outsourced that process or fired that troublesome employee that is also a friend?

Really, what is the worst that could happen?

More often that not, the worst that would happen is that you would be in the same position you were prior to taking that risk.

When we hold ourselves back, we lose opportunities. We stunt our growth. We don’t give ourselves the ability to grow our business or ourselves. We don’t give ourselves the opportunity to learn from the possible failure that comes with the risk. We also don’t allow ourselves to enjoy the rewards from taking a chance.

Personally, I am present to the fact that I have held myself back, numerous times. Last month, I held myself back from going to a conference because the timing “wasn’t right”. I justified the decision by convincing myself that I needed to focus on on-boarding a potential client.

Guess what? That client I was to on-board ended up being a clown. They never showed up for the process.

By canceling the conference, I held myself back from connecting with peers and potential clients. I held myself back from learning and improving. I played it safe and ended up with nothing. Well, nothing gained and nothing lost.

Marcy could have stayed at home after she beat cancer the first and second time. She could have played it safe. Instead, her victories motivated her. She chose to take risks and live big. Her charity reflects her fearlessness.

Don’t put off ‘til tomorrow what you can do today. Make yourself a priority by taking a risk for yourself and your business. Live your life!

For more information about Peach Outreach or to donate, please click here.

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