Despite earning 6 or even 7 figures in your business, you’re always wondering why you never have enough money left after paying bills...and forget about paying yourself a decent wage.


It’s mentally and physically draining the f#ck out of you trying to drive the right car or wear the most impressive designer duds in order to prove your ‘riches’ to your family, friends, next door neighbors, and, really, anyone...while secretly you’re one missed payment from being broke.   

You’ve cut out coffees, buy generic shampoo, tried sticking to a budget, and even worked on clearing your money blocks only to realize that your money drama never ends


Debt collectors have now become your new stalkers, so instead of confidently paying your bills, you now AVOID the stack of mail on your counter hoping your dog or cat accidentally eats it.


I need to be real with you...


You’ve been taught to mismanage your finances.

Chances are, what your friends believe about money has landed them in paycheck to paycheck living.

And the penny pinching advice of cutting coffees and dinners, which worked in the past, for your parents, no longer works today.


Unfortunately, these beliefs and advice have been passed to you. 

That means, you’ve been handed the wrong rulebook!  

Chances are:

You're really good at bringing money in to your business and life.


And I'm sure you've enhanced your money making skills by taking one of those online courses and group coaching programs that fulfilled its promise of 10X-ing your income.   



Almost none of those courses, coaches, and positive thinking habits taught you how to take care of your money, when it comes in.


...and if they do, they almost always tell you to talk to your bookkeeper or accountant.

How would it feel to:  


  • Silence the critical voice in your head that judges every dollar you finally find financial freedom as you activate your money manifesting superpowers?


  • Always have money to pay yourself, invest, eliminate debt, save for retirement, and pay your bills?

  • Watch your wealth accumulate in your bank account without sacrificing the things you enjoy, such as spa dates, dinners with friends, and vacations?    


  • Remove abundance blocking beliefs like “rich people are greedy” or “money is hard to come by”, which kept you broke and struggling, and replace them with your own abundance growing beliefs such as “I love money and money loves me!”

  • Never worry about taxes and unexpected expenses because you planned ahead.  


  • Be so in love with the prosperous life you have created for yourself because money no longer holds you back from serving your community and supporting your family. 

My dear, have no fear!


Your financial fairy godmother is here!


I promise I will not tell you to click your heels three times while saying “There’s no place like home!”

But seriously, I am 'that' accountant, who does bookkeeping, those courses and coaches tell you to work with. 


However, bookkeeping alone will not change your financial circumstances.


What you also need is a proven system that puts you in complete control of your business and personal finances so that you can finally start living your prosperous life.  

Give me 90 days of your time, and I’ll help you do that. 



It all begins with a free chat with yours truly!

Here's What You'll Get: 


90 Days 1x1 with Chioma

  • You’ll receive 8 private transformational coaching sessions via Zoom. Sessions will take place weekly during the first 30 days. For the next 60 days, sessions will be bi-weekly (fortnightly).  Each session will be 55 minutes in length. (value: $16,000)



Wait!  There's More! 

Review of Finances

  • This includes a review of your bookkeeping and financial processes. You will also learn how to manage your finances like a CEO and even do your own bookkeeping in 15 minutes or less with ease, grace, and accuracy.  (value: $4,000)

*Even though I review your financial data and teach best practices (including how to do your own bookkeeping), This 90 Day program does not include done-for-you bookkeeping.

Email Support

  • During our time together you will have email support up to 30 minutes per week. This ensures that you are being continuously being supported. (value: $6,000)

Done For You Bookkeeping (Additional Fees Could Apply)

  • Sometimes we fall behind or we just don't know if we are doing things as they should, therefore an extra pair of eyes can help. Let's discuss your needs. Please refer to Mindful Bookkeeping for additional information. 




​Bonus #1: Your Why 

  • 90-minute kick-off call with Chioma to discuss your BIG vision, get clear on where you are now and identify the roadblocks that need to be cleared so that your vision can be a reality. During this call, we will also handle administrative tasks such as access to financial records and other logistics. This kick-off session ensures that the regular sessions are action-packed and loaded with value. (value $1,500)

Bonus #2: Profit Activation

  • In order to achieve your financial outcome, you need to believe it. This transformative session works on the emotional level to clear out the scarcity and poverty consciousness, leading you to a permanently profitable future (value: $888)  

Sign Up Within 24 Hours To Receive:

Bonus 1x1 session with Chioma

  • An additional session to accelerate your financial success. (value: $1,000)

Total Value: $29,388


Pay in full (Best Value): $3,000 (save $500)



Payment plan:

Option 1 - $1,000 up front + 2 monthly payments of $1,250

Option 2 - 4 equal installments of $875


You are smart, intelligent, and work too hard to not enjoy your money.  


Book in for a call today to start living YOUR version of financial freedom, not someone else’s.


Talk to you soon, and Cheers to your prosperity!

Month 1

Unpack Your Money Story

We will unpack your money story by creating space for your money, getting super clear on YOUR needs and wants, while learning to pay yourself first.

Month 2

Expanding Your Financial Consciousness

This month is about connecting to your finances. We'll implement a cash flow system tailored to your business and personal needs and you'll learn how to manage money like a CEO.

Month 3

It's Your Time To Prosper

This month is about giving yourself permission to spend as well as receive financial abundance! Expect to enjoy a lovely financial bonus at the end of this month. You deserve it!