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How are you?

My name is Chioma

Feel free to call me Chi (like "cheese" or "Chia-Pet"). 


I'm a lifestyle accountant, intuitive financial coach, and a cash flow warrior on a mission to help more amazing souls, like you, prosper.  

Meet Chioma

Chioma has been an accountant for over eighteen years.  She has a BA in economics from Northwestern University.  She also holds an MBA as well as a Master of Science degree in Accounting from Northeastern University. 


Her career began at Ernst & Young as a public accountant, and she continued her path as an accountant working for another Big 4 Accounting firm, Fortune 500 companies, and small service-based businesses.  


When she is not accounting, Chioma is spreading mindfulness as a yoga teacher and fitness enthusiast.  She believes that physical fitness has definitely played a role in making herself and her clients more productive, focused, and happy at work and home.



Okay...enough of the humble bragging.  It's time for me to get real. 


I understand your struggles because I too once struggled with money, DESPITE doing the "right" things.


Some of those "right" things included:

  • Bringing lunch to work instead of buying lunches.  

  • Making coffee at home because I was always told coffee from a café is a "waste of money". 

  • Canceling gym memberships and other monthly subscriptions.

  • Freaking out about interest rates because of what I heard on the news (so unnecessary).

  • Filing my taxes timely.


And yet, I continued to live from paycheck to paycheck...and occasionally overdrew my bank account.  


Perhaps you can relate!


By the way, I earned close to 6 figures for most of my 13-year corporate accounting career and over 6 figures in my 13th and final year.

...and then I hit financial rock bottom. 


That year was 2015.  I'll never forget making the painful decision to put my things in storage and move out of my apartment because I could no longer afford to pay rent.  That year I also defaulted on four credit cards and was no longer able to make my student loan payments. Not only was I broke. I was broken.


I moved in with my parents and would stay with them for the next two years.  They too were struggling financially.    


In hindsight, being broke was honestly the best thing that happened to me.  It helped me understand why I struggled with money and the lessons learned from my struggles did wonders for my financial growth. 


For starters, I developed a prosperity mindset.  That meant seeing money as something that is good, supportive, and easy to come by.  Money is really all around us!


Next, I followed an easy-to-use financial system, which helped me save for tomorrow while still having plenty of fun today!  That meant I could buy my daily coffee knowing it would not wreck my financial future! #coffeeisnotyourproblem


I removed the negative influences that caused me to feel shame around my finances.  That meant no longer following the traditional one-size-fits-all financial advice that had me saving money in ways that were ineffective.  That also meant walking away from the expectations of parents and leaving toxic friendships behind.  The last thing anyone needs is to be surrounded by those with a poor money relationship and those who pass judgment on the positive changes you are making in your life.  

Because of my revived relationship with money, I got back on my feet, replenished my income, repaid debt, and grew my bank account to new heights, quickly (relatively speaking) and easily.    


Now it's your turn!


Let me show you how to make your money work for you.  No unnecessary financial jargon, complex algorithms, or selling of the soul is needed.  And no, you do not need to earn 6 or 7 figures in order to have money. You just need someone to help you remove the unnecessary barriers and beliefs that have been making it difficult for your to manage your money and have money.  Most important, you need to believe you can prosper.  Managing money is really easy. When you believe it, you will achieve it.

Cheers to your prosperity!


Have questions? Please contact us.



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