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Financial Habits

Simple Habits
That Help You Keep More
of Your
Hard-Earned Money

For $9.99 today!

To keep more of your
hard-earned money...

You need to BECOME the person that keeps more of their hard-earned money.


Good financial habits help you become that person.


This book will teach you how to develop good financial habits in a simple, approachable, and sustainable way.

You'll also learn how to...

Make positive habits rewarding. Hint The reward is more money in your bank account.png

Become the person who keeps more of their hard-earned money.

Get your copy of Mindful Financial Habits today!

For $9.99 today!


About Chioma...


I’m an accountant and financial coach. During my corporate years, I was really good at managing other people’s money. I was also horrible with managing mine. I’d confront that fact when I hit financial rock bottom in 2015.  


Developing positive financial habits took me from financial rock bottom to having money in my bank accounts. As an “I’ll believe it when I see it” kind of gal, seeing money increase in my bank accounts helped me commit to my positive financial habits.  Keeping the financial habit simple also helped me commit.


Because the habit was rewarding and simple, I improved my relationship with money, removed toxic money beliefs, and improved my self worth. I want you, the reader, to experience the same outcomes and so much more.


I’m on a mission to help wonderful people like you keep more of their hard-earned money without sacrificing the things you love. 


Cheers to your prosperity, and happy reading!

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