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You Are Worthy of Money, No Matter What!

Pardon my kind-of-sort-of-rant, however, I really need to make something clear.

You are worthy of money.

The unexpected hospital bill is not the result of money blocks or limiting beliefs.

You did not manifest the flat tire because you felt greedy and selfish driving your nice car.

A letter from the tax authority stating that you owe an additional $2,000 due to an audit is not because you had a “low vibe” moment.

You are 100% worthy of money and all the wonderful things in life, even when the engine in your car fails, your hair stylist gives you a bad hair cut, or your child vomits on your favorite pair of shoes.

I am very spiritual.

However I am super annoyed at how branded and stereotyped spirituality is becoming. And I especially disagree with some statements in regards to money, such as your feelings of unworthiness being the reason bad things happen to you.

Statements like that keep you as the victim and imply that life is happening to you, not for you.

That also means, you miss the important message (from the Universe) within the unfortunate situation.

How about this: The best defense against unexpected bills is offense.

That means, track your finances, regularly.

That also means set aside a portion of your money for savings every time you receive money.

Lastly, that means you go about your business like the superstar you are because a flat tire ain’t gonna ruin your day.


Because money is a resource that helps you, and that includes fixing flat tires, paying bills for services rendered, and, in general getting you out of sticky situations.

When you take care of your money, it takes care of you.


Rant over…for now

Cheers to your prosperity superstar!


The Mindful Bookkeeper

P.S. – I got really specific on how to set aside money for the future while living for today in The Clean Bee and Just Realized podcasts. It’s called the 1% Rule. Check out those two episodes so that the next time your utility bill is higher than expected you laugh in its face and keep it moving. #unfazed


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