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What Is A Money Block? And Why Should You Care?

Picture this...

You’re always wondering why there’s never any money left at the end of the month.

Perhaps you wait until the last minute to organize your finances or avoid them completely because your unnecessarily complicated financial software frustrates you to no end.

Or maybe you received a large, nasty bill because of a recent car accident or your basement flooded…or some other unfortunate event. And because of that bill, you have had to cancel the things you want to do, such as meeting your friends for lunch, rebuilding your bathroom, or even relocating to a better neighborhood.

When you go through those situations, you’re probably not thinking about money blocks or limiting beliefs.

Instead, you’re thinking, “WTF!!! Why is this happening to me?”

So, what is this talk about limiting beliefs? And why should you care about money blocks?

Here’s why:

Understanding your money blocks and your limiting beliefs around money will help you get some solid insight on how you manage as well as relate to your money.

What is a money block, and what is a limiting belief?

A money block is a belief that causes you to act in a way that blocks abundance.

A limiting money belief is a belief that causes you to act in a way that limits your ability to have money.

In other words, blocks are limiting beliefs and limiting beliefs are blocks. Each can cause you to sabotage your success.

Specifically they can cause you to:

  • Overspend

  • Avoid checking your bank account

  • Pay bills late which result in late fees

  • Provide heavy discounts or give away services and products for free

Here are some examples of money blocks or limiting money beliefs:

  • Money is hard to come by.

  • Rich people are greedy and evil.

  • You need to be great with numbers, like a financial genius, in order to be great with money.

  • You need to be born rich in order to be rich.

  • You’re not successful unless you make 6 or 7 figures.

  • More money leads to more problems.

  • You have to hustle and grind in order to have money.

  • Success never lasts.

These beliefs are all rooted in guilt, shame, and fear.

Putting It All Together

Consciously you believe you are doing the right things to manage your money. You have a budget, use financial software to manage your finances, and have a bookkeeper.

However, your budget is not “working”, and you still cannot figure out why you never have money left at the end of the month. You also have trouble using your financial software and often find that you develop a tension headache after using it. Your bookkeeper never responds to your emails.

What you do not realize is you subconsciously believe that you are bad with money. And because you subconsciously believe you are bad with money, you could actually be creating the problems with money without realizing it.

Here’s how you could be creating problems:

Using the example above, your budget doesn’t “work” because you probably have not used it to monitor your money. You have not used the budget because you did not have time. You did not have time because you always schedule new activities or you find things that need to be done. However, you schedule activities because you are avoiding using your budget because…you believe you are bad with money.

As for your financial software, you heard from your favorite podcaster that the software is not easy to use. One of your friends also told you how the software caused her to break out in hives. Because you believe you are bad with money you expect the software to be challenging…but the reality is, you’ve never used it. You don’t even have a username and password. That headache you get only happened once and that was during an allergy attack.

Your bookkeeper is not responding to your emails. Bookkeepers are always like that, right? Only…you knew that about this bookkeeper. In fact, this guy has a reputation for poor customer service. You have been referred to other stellar bookkeepers, but kept the one with the bad reputation because he charges $5 less per month. The reality is, you were afraid the good bookkeepers would judge you for being bad with your money. Therefore you chose the bad one.

So Really, Why Should You Care About Money Blocks and Limiting Beliefs?

Understanding your money blocks or limiting beliefs help you become aware of your beliefs about money, and it is those beliefs that influence the way you behave or act with money. When you are aware of your blocks or beliefs, you can change them. When you create new beliefs, you also create a different outcome with your money.

Some of these outcomes include:

  • More money in your bank account.

  • A budget that helps you keep your money and even helps you earn more.

  • Spending habits improve.

  • Increased confidence around money.

Becoming aware of your beliefs is not something that happens over night. Therefore be patient.


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Thank you for reading and watching!


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