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How to Love Your Money

Question: Do you love your money?

What I mean is, do appreciate all it has done for you from time to time?

Do you notice it when it is around?

Do you do when you can to keep it safe?

Many of us grew up with the belief that loving and having money is the root of all that is evil.

Therefore, it is natural to love the possibility of money coming into your life...because to love the possibility is to fantasize about the money we do not have.

In fact, it feels safe.

However, that kind of possibility can put us in a state of stress because we do not acknowledge what we have and, therefore, do not believe we have enough.

Which is why I am so excited to share a fantastic discussion I had with Katie Allen on her podcast, Just Realized.

In the episode, she and I talked about how to build a stronger relationship with our money one step at a time.

We specifically talked about:

- Using style to boost your mood and relationship with your money

- Why coffee is not making you broke

- Tips that help you practice being in abundance and overflow

- Why it is important to be heard (includes hearing yourself) when it comes to your money

- How we hide from our money

- How managing our money is really, ways to manifest more of it

The beautiful thing about our discussion is that the tips mentioned can be used right now!

Katie is so light and full of energy, which made this conversation super enjoyable.

Enjoy the episode!



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