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Podcast: Get more from your money + reframe your mindset

I had the honor of being a guest on The Clean Bee podcast, hosted by the super sweet Madalyn Tavares.

Our discussion was so great because it was a candid mix between mindset, the energetics of money, and financial literacy.

We specifically talked about:

  • How our family dynamics, childhood stories, and more impact and influence our relationship with money

  • Accessible ways for anyone to begin improving their relationship with money

  • Easy (and actionable) ways to develop the habit of saving and spending money without the unnecessary sacrifice

  • Books we have each read that helped us in our financial journey

At minute 29:44, I shared what I used to believe about managing money.

Madalyn also shared her experiences with handling her finances, which really made this episode super relatable.

Click here to listen to this episode and others on The Clean Bee Podcast.

Enjoy and cheers to your prosperity!


The Mindful Bookkeeper


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