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“You’ll attract broke clients…”

“And I am no longer open to broke clients.”

That statement came from my former business coach, three years ago, after reviewing copy from my landing page.

She posted the review in her private Facebook group (which I was part of) to show everyone what NOT to do.

This left me wide open to receive harsh, abusive comments from others, agreeing with her words.

At first I felt shame because I had let my business mom down.

Then I felt anger.

Not only had she had betrayed my trust, she disrespected the amazing humans who had been coming to me for help as well as those would need help from me or someone like me, in the future.

Today (three years later), I received an email from that same coach.

The first line in the email said, “I have ZERO time to beg broke women to join my programs.”

As I was about to hit DELETE, the next line, caught my attention.

It read, “When I said ‘broke women’ I’m talking about women, who are more committed to their victimhood, poverty, and destitution than they are committed to rising out of that sh$t.”

That was her explanation for ‘broke’ clients and, quite frankly, I agree.

However, I don’t call people ‘broke’.

I believe and say, they are not ready to change.

And that is okay!

The point of that story is about clear communication.

There are many that state terms or use jargon as if you should know what they mean.

However, many do not, specifically when it comes to the financial side of things.

For example, many do not understand what it means to pay yourself first.

Many do not know the purpose of a balance sheet.

Many do not know how to create a profit plan that supports their business and life.

And because many do not know, they take those things the wrong way.

Imagine if the above and more were explained properly?

How much smarter would you work?

How much easier would tax time be?

How much more freedom and flexibility would you have?

How much MORE money would you keep in your bank accounts?

And how much more of an impact could you make because you have more money to support you?

I’d love to help you gain clarity on your finances as your financial mentor.

I promise there will be no public shaming in a Facebook group.

Your money is your business and that must always be respected.

Cheers to your prosperity!



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