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40 Days to Personal Revolution: A Personal Essay

Being successful in your career and business is not only about working longer hours for the sake of producing more. Success also comes from having a healthy body and mind. A by-product of a healthy body and mind is mindfulness.

One of the ways to achieve a healthy body and mind is through exercise. Personally, I have learned discipline and stress management because of it. My confidence in my abilities has increased because I feel better about myself. Better yet, I find that I rarely get sick and have less aches and pains in my body. Finally, through exercise I have developed the courage to let go of anything that no longer serves me. Recently, I made a business decision to do just that.

I had been directly involved in that something for over two years and somewhat around it for a few years longer. I felt liberated when I let go of that thing that was not serving me…I also realized how much damage I endured because of it. The damage upset me to the point where I had considered relocating to another city and turning my back on my business.

I shared my recent change and the effects with a yoga teacher and friend. He suggested I enroll in his studio’s 40 Days to Personal Revolution. As much as I rolled my eyes at a yoga challenge, I knew I had to get my mind right for the sake of my business and myself. I signed up.

The “rules” of 40 Days to Personal Revolution, at that studio, are as follows:

  • Practice yoga at any of the studios (they have two locations) 6 times a week. 5 of the 6 practices must be at the studio, while the 6th practice can be at home.

  • Attend one group meeting each week (there are 10 opportunities each week to attend one each week. In that meeting the participants will engage in journaling and discussion exercises.

  • Meditate twice daily, starting with 5 minutes each time.

Each week, I will be sharing my experience with this program. Stay tuned for Week 1!

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