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Your Bookkeeper Is Your Superhero

Creative Commons Images from Pixabay

*Originally posted July 2016*

Your bookkeeper, the superhero? Hard to believe, huh? I understand.

In fact, I’m guessing when someone introduces him or herself as a bookkeeper, some probably assume the person is dull, boring, and uninteresting IF there is a thought, at all.

What if I told you that it is possible for you to jump up and down for joy when someone mentions they are a bookkeeper?

What if I told you that you could associate the word bookkeeper with the likes of Batman, Superman, or other super heroes?

Okay…at this point you might be thinking I am being a bit dramatic, but at the very least, it is possible to smile and feel a sense of relief when you hear someone is a bookkeeper.

Here is why.

Oh, as a disclaimer, results are not typical.

A bookkeeper can:

  1. Save your marriage by positively impacting your finances. Finance is one of the top reasons why marriages fail.

  2. Help you attend your child’s sports games or recitals.

  3. Rescue you from the side of the road when your car dies. How about that new car?

  4. Give you the ability and freedom to fly so you can see the world. Feeling like a super hero is optional.

  5. If you are not interested in seeing the world, then have the ability and freedom to fly to a neighboring city. Again, feeling like a super hero is optional.

  6. Inspire you to run faster and longer than the average human being by training for a marathon. You could develop super human powers because you have the time to do so!

  7. Help you save families because you can contribute to that charity that provides running water to 15 individuals.

  8. Save your life because you can afford to see your healthcare provider.

  9. Create more jobs, which is the result of your business’s growth. Others can now share the benefits.

  10. Save your business!!

These are real life situations! Bookkeepers can make a positive impact on your life as well as the life of your business.

And a good bookkeeper does that by listening to your needs as well as being proactive in helping you and your business achieve financial and life goals.

Now, going forward, you should be excited when someone tells you they are a bookkeeper. It’ll be like you just got front row tickets and a VIP pass to a Beyoncé concert!

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