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Mindful Financial Planner 
and Journal 
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My name is Chioma.

Feel free to call me Chi (pronounced 'chee').


I'm on a mission to help entrepreneurs and small business owners, like you, prosper.  

That means I help you keep more of your hard-earned money so that you can do things like:

  • repay debt with ease,

  • consistently pay yourself a lush wage,

  • book your next holiday vacation,

  • have more time for family,

  • and anything else your heart desires,

GUILT FREE and while saving for tomorrow.


Yes, you can have healthy cash flow and have fun too!  

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Chioma has a podcast!!

Cheers to Your Prosperity


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Work with me 1:1

For those that are tired of the financial struggle? This service blends bookkeeping, strategy, mindset, and financial coaching to help you keep more money in your bank account(s) WITHOUT sacrificing the things you love.

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Let's Work Together!

On your way to your first 6-figures? Awesome! You deserve to see something (money) for it. I can help you. Click the above to get started.

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Mindful Financial Habits ebook

A guide that teaches you how to develop

positive financial habits

in an easy and rewarding way.  

Having a framework has made it really easy to adjust my finances in response to slower sales. I know that if COVID had hit before I had this system in place, I would be having an emotional freak-out about how to handle my business money. I probably wouldn't be paying myself anything out of fear of not having enough to pay the bills (and who knows, I might've even let my VA go, and started processing orders myself again, something that holds me back from growth). Instead I was easily able to figure out how to still pay myself something while still having all the bills covered, keep my VA, and I feel in control. That was my long-winded way of saying - THANK YOU. Your guidance, and introducing me to this system, has made my life easier.


Before connecting with Chioma, I had been running my business for 7 years and didn’t really understand the numbers and finance part of it. All I knew was basically to put everything on auto-pilot to make sure a certain amount of money went to savings, investments, and such because got into a little trouble, in the past.  


So, a funny thing happened.  I met with my CPA and I ACTUALLY understood what he was saying! That’s because Chioma explains the what, why, and how you save, invest, and more. 


She explains how your money comes to you, and shows you how you use and release it.  She even helps you understand your relationship with money.

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