You've tried using a budget.

You cut out lattes and dinners.

You've created a vision board, think positive thoughts, and have repeated endless affirmations...and STILL you struggle with money.

Guess what?  You are a normal human-being.

This video will show you 

Mastering your money has is not only about following penny-pinching advice, complex stock market plays, or speaking the language of accountants. 


And it is also not only about wishing and forgiving while waiting for money to magically appear in your life. 


It is about both.

Specifically, mastering your money has everything to do with skillset  (examples: budgeting and expense tracking) and mindset (including affirmations and gratitude).  Both "sets" help you become aware of how you relate to your money!  When you are aware of you master.

And really, this process is simple.  Master degrees are not required (I prove that!)

Please have a pen and paper for taking notes as well as your favorite beverage (optional).  Get comfortable!  Give yourself about 45 minutes to 1 hour to sit, think, and write.

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Financial prosperity! 

The world is bursting with financial solutions...

Traditional financial advice tells you to cut out the lattes, cook meals at home, buy generic shampoo, build your emergency fund, and save for retirement.

Your parents tell you to follow a budget, use cash only, and live within your means.

The new age expert doesn't believe you need a budget.  You simply need to automate your savings and invest.

Your business coach insists on outsourcing the finances to a bookkeeper or accountant so you can focus on what you are really good at...which I guess is not money.

The money mindset guru tells you banish toxic money thoughts by reciting, 10 times a day, "I love money and money loves me!" as well as other wealth building affirmations. 

And then there are more piles of money tidbits picked up here and there from various books, blogs, newspapers, magazines, YouTube, Facebook Lives, and podcast episodes.

Because there are so many financial solutions...

You've found yourself confused, not knowing which one to follow or how to get started with that solution, leading you to pay attention to your finances "later" and save money “someday”.

Or you've tried to stick with a budget and have even cut back on coffees and dinners, only to still feel like you don't have enough money to do the things you need, let alone want and dream of.

Perhaps you prefer to out-earn your financial problems because you've always been able to get by...despite being stuck in the "make it, spend it" cycle. 

Here's the real issue... 

You have been taught to solve the

wrong problem...

You have been taught to see not having enough money as the problem.  

However, not having enough money is not your problem.  


It is a result.


The REAL problem is...


your money lacks purpose.


When you give your money a purpose,

you tell your money how to help you.

That means:


Supporting tools, like a budget and finance software, work SUCCESSFULLY without draining you.


Affirmations and vision boards actually empower you.


Awkward and uncomfortable conversations about money cease to exist.


You can (and should) buy the things you want while your bank account continues to grow.

Books, podcasts, YouTube videos, blogs, newspapers, and others that share financial advice actually make sense!

Your relationship with money 


How would it feel to...

Shift away from the stress of wondering why you never have enough money to confidently knowing there is money in your bank account for all the things you need and want?

Play bigger, leave a legacy, and turn your dreams into reality because you have the money available to invest in a home and create passive income streams. 


Have peace of mind, knowing that each action you take actually brings you closer to the financial life you desire?

No longer feel shame around your spending and earning decisions because you know how to control the flow of your money?


Master Your


A financial empowerment program that reminds you of your divine right to prosper. 

Here's what you'll receive:

  • 16 training videos - Your money is ALWAYS there to support you.  These trainings will remind you of that. You will learn how to remove the old, stale, limiting beliefs that have kept you stuck and in fear of your money and replace them with new supportive beliefs that enables you to embrace your money so that it can support you, your desires, and your dreams.   

  • 13 Transformational Exercises - Practice makes progress.This program is not just about mindset. It is also about skillset. These exercises will help you apply your upgraded mind to the skills in order to create the financial result you desire. 

  • Lifetime access to the entire program - Growth is inevitable. With growth comes unlimited updates and upgrades. You're welcome :-)

The Curriculum

  • Module 1 – Desire, Dreams, Wants, and Why

This is your first step in mastering your money. You are meant to have desires. In this module you will declare your desires and understand why you are meant to have them


  • Module 2 – Are Your Beliefs True?

You'll begin to gain awareness on what what has been stopping you from taking action. Note: This is the module that identifies why you struggle with money.


  • Module 3 – Thoughts Are Things

Gain even more clarity on how you have been creating your financial reality. With clarity comes control.  

  • Module 4 – Your New Way of Thinking

Out with the old and in with the new! Set yourself free from the beliefs that have limited you and replace them with those that empower and set you free.

  • Module 5 – Feelings and Emotions

Your emotions DO help you make good decisions. Amplify your new way of thinking with passion in the form of feelings and values.

  • Module 6 – Be Specific

You do not need to justify your desires to anyone. This module reminds you of that. Be as specific so that your money can serve you in the best way possible.

  • Module 7 – The 1% Rule

It's time to use your mindset take action. Financial action. This action teaches you how to control the flow of your cash so that you can consistently build your bank account.  


  • Module 8 – Check In

This is an opportunity to reflect, revisit, adjust and remember that it is your DIVINE right to prosper.

  • Module 9 – Make Room For Your Money (Part 1)

If you want more money, you need to make room for it. In this module you'll physically remove the stuff that has stopping the flow of money into your life.

  • Module 10 – Have Fun!  How to Create A Positive Experience

Managing money can be fun! This module shows you how to create a fun experience that has you looking forward to tracking your finances.  

  • Module 11 – Let’s Do It!  Tracking Your Finances

It's time! In this module you'll track your finances from an empowered place and have fun doing it.


  • Module 12 – Understanding Your Relationship with Your Money

This is an opportunity to understand what inspired your actions that produced the financial results that you have tracked and seen.

  • Module 13 – How to Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is

Setting the stage for the rest of this program, you will continue to discover how other people's beliefs have influenced you and your actions, which have given you a financial result.

  • Module 14 – Make Room For Your Money (Part 2)

Similar to module 9, you'll learn how to make room for your money in your financial life.  

  • Module 15 – Let’s Put It All Together

You've learned how to control your money. Now it is your turn to consciously set the financial tone for the next month and beyond.

  • Module 16 – Budgets, Bookkeepers, Software, and More…

Now that you have given your money a purpose, you can apply the tools that help you achieve your desired financial result.

Copy of Copy of Master Your Money.png

You don’t need another tactic filled article giving you 50 ways to reduce your water or wireless bill.

What you need is a clear, step-by-step, implementation program that ACTUALLY helps you achieve financial control.  


Make 2021 your breakthrough financial year.

How are you?

My name is Chioma.

Feel free to call me Chi (like "cheese") or Chi chi.

I'm an accountant and cash flow warrior on a mission to help more amazing souls, like you, prosper, without sacrificing the things you need and want.  With financial prosperity, you can live your best life and also help others live theirs. 

Thank you for sharing your time with me.  

Cheers to your prosperity!