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A Note From Chioma, The Mindful Bookkeeper: 40 Days to Personal Revolution Recap

A Note From Chioma, The Mindful Bookkeeper; Photo Credit: UnSplash

I want to start with an apology.

I apologize for being inactive for the past two to three weeks. However, the inactivity was necessary.

The weeks that passed, as well as the results of the election, have given me the opportunity to reflect on what I had uncovered during my journey of self-inquiry that was the 40 Days to Personal Revolution.

From reflection I have realized what is important to me as a Mindful Bookkeeper. I now strongly believe in and am firmly committed to the values that drive the service provided.

I want to connect with you.

Connecting supports inclusiveness. Connecting also allows us to open our minds, get curious, and support one another. Connecting encourages truth, honesty, and transparency. Most importantly, connecting enables The Mindful Bookkeeper to best serve you and your needs.

In order for connection to happen, both parties must share that common value and interest. We should want to connect with each other, and therefore do what we can to facilitate that effort.

Here are four steps myself and my team will take in order to connect with you:

1. Less is More

The Mindful Bookkeeper does not want to serve everyone. By serving everyone we ultimately serve no one.

You all are our priority, and we need to treat you as such.

We strive to be present and aware for you. We strive for quality, not quantity. We strive to connect, which includes knowing your name.

Spreading ourselves too thin does not accomplish our objective of connecting with you. Furthermore it diminishes the quality of our service. Therefore, less is definitely more.

2. We Want to Get to Know You

Yes we do!

You all are not numbers to us. And you all are not a transaction or a mission to complete.

You all are people, and businesses are run by people.

We will make every effort to authentically know your business, management and staff. Knowing you allows us to best tailor our services to your needs.

Furthermore getting to know you is the essence behind The Mindful Bookkeeper. That connection is what allows us to be attentive, alert, and focused.

3. Communication is Key

We are going to be proactive in how we communicate with you.

You should not have to chase us down for information. You should not hear from us only once or twice a year.

To facilitate communication, we will also use programs, such as HubDoc and SmartVault, to create transparency.

We will also respond to any email or phone call within 24 hours.

4. Honesty is the Best Policy

The Mindful Bookkeeper will not sugarcoat the facts.

That is because we believe sugarcoating can take on a tone of dishonesty. And dishonesty prevents true connection.

Therefore, you might hear us say no in order to be a yes to you. However, one thing you will never question is our ability to be honest.


We are people. As people we have dreams, desires, feelings, opinions, and values. And it is human to want to connect in order to share and bond over our dreams, desires, and more.

Connection is highly valued at The Mindful Bookkeeper. And those that work with us share that same value.

The Mindful Bookkeeper is committed to connecting with you in order to best serve you.

Have a wonderful holiday season!

Best to all of you,

Chioma. E. Njoku

The Mindful Bookkeeper

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