A 90-day program that helps you break free from your money woes, connect to your true soul desires, and create a life of flow, ease, and financial freedom.

Despite earning 6 or even 7 figures in your business, you’re always wondering why YOU NEVER HAVE ENOUGH MONEY to pay out your employee’s payroll, let alone have enough left to pay yourself a lush wage.


It’s mentally and physically draining the f#ck out of you trying to drive the right car, wear the most impressive designer duds, and prove your ‘riches’ to your family, friends, and next door neighbors...while secretly you’re one week away from being broke.   

You’ve tried sticking to a budget and even worked on clearing your money blocks with some success, only to find your money drama returning a few short months later, like a bad houseguest. 


Debt collectors have now become your new stalkers, so instead of paying your bills like a BAWSE, you AVOID the stack of mail on your counter hoping your dog or cat accidentally eats it.


I need to be real with you...


You’ve been taught to mismanage your finances.

Chances are, what your parents believed about their money only landed them in a state of lack and poverty.

And, unfortunately, they have passed their beliefs about money to you.  

THAT'S the real reason you struggle with it.

You’ve been handed the wrong rulebook!  




Just think about it:


How many times have your parents said, “That’s too expensive!!” after hearing what you paid for your last pair of shoes? 


What about that time your friend called her boss a materialistic b$tch just because she drove a Land Rover and carried a stunning Hermes handbag?


Perhaps you believe making money is hard because your fellow entrepreneur buddies constantly moan about how they have to hustle and grind to earn a dollar? 


And let’s be honest, the reason you cut back on your daily $5 latte from your favorite café is because SOMEONE ELSE told you it was a frivolous expense.

How would it feel to:  


  • Silence the critical voice in your head that judges every dollar you spend...to finally find financial freedom as you activate your money manifesting superpowers?


  • ALWAYS have money to pay bills because you have connected to your soul’s desires?  That means no more managing your money to please your parents, friends, and society.  


  • Remove abundance blocking beliefs like “rich people are greedy” or “money is hard to come by”, which kept you broke and struggling, and replace them with your own ABUNDANCE GROWING beliefs such as “I love money and money loves me!”

  • NEVER WORRY about taxes and unexpected expenses because you planned ahead and confidently make financial decisions like a BAWSE!  


  • Shift from feeling like you are “bad with money” and watching it sift through your fingers at the speed of light to being a financial genius with more dolla dolla billz in your bank account than ever before?


  • Be so in love with the prosperous life you have created for yourself because money no longer holds you back from investing in your business, taking vacations, getting that much-needed massage, spending time with your children, and doing anything and everything else you enjoy. 

My dear, have no fear!


Your financial fairy godmother is here!


I promise I will not tell you to click your heels three times while saying “There’s no place like home!”



But seriously, if you want to change your financial circumstances, you need to change the behaviors that got you there in the first place.



Give me 90 days of your time, I’ll help you do that. 




It all begins with a free chat with yours truly!

Here's What You'll Get: 

90 Days 1x1 with Chioma

  • You’ll receive 8 private financial mastery transformational coaching sessions via Zoom. Sessions will take place weekly during the first 30 days. For the next 60 days, sessions will be bi-weekly (fortnightly).  Each session will be 55 minutes in length. (value: $8,000)

Session Notes, Audios and Videos

  • You will receive assignments that support you with implementing new belief patterns and behaviors, which attracts abundance.  The audio and videos are yours to keep permanently so that you can listen and watch each session again and again. (value: $8,000)

Review of Finances

  • This includes a review of your bookkeeping and financial processes. You will also learn how to do your bookkeeping in 15 minutes or less with ease, grace, and accuracy.  (value: $4,000)

Email Support

  • During our time together you will have email support up to 30 minutes per week.  This ensures that you are being continuously being supported. (value: $6,000)

Done For You Bookkeeping (Optional and On A Case By Case Basis)

  • I get it.  Sometimes we fall behind or we just don't know if we are doing things as they should, therefore an extra pair of eyes can help.  I can help you get current.  

*Even though I review your financial data and teach best practices (including how to do your own bookkeeping), this Financial Chi is not a bookkeeping service. Please refer to Mindful Bookkeeping for on-going bookkeeping needs.



​Bonus #1

  • 90-minute kick-off call with Chioma to discuss your BIG vision, get clear on where you are now and identify the roadblocks that need to be cleared so that your vision can be a reality.  During this call, we will also handle administrative tasks such as access to financial records and other logistics. This kick-off session ensures that the regular sessions are action-packed and loaded with value. (value $1,500)

Bonus #2: Financial Empowerment Resource Document

  • This resource is the foundation of your transformational money management.  Included are cash flow systems, common areas where we display our limiting beliefs, and easy to digest tips for learning how to save money. (value: $888)

24 Hour Expiring Bonus:  

3 X 45 minute Emotional Clearing Sessions with an Intuitive Guide

  • To change your financial outcome, you must find the source of the behaviors that created the outcome and change them.  These behaviors often reside on a deep emotional level that we are often not aware of. These sessions are powerful and clear out the scarcity and poverty consciousness on a deep, emotional level. Combine these sessions with our work together, and you’ll be unstoppable.  (value: $450)

Pay in Full Bonus:

Bonus 1x1 session with Chioma

  • An additional session to accelerate your financial success (value: $1,000)

Total Value: $29,838


Pay in full $4,997 (save $500)


Payment plan: $2,000 up front + 2 monthly payments of 1,749 (or 4 equal installments of $1,375)


After 24 hours the price increases to:

Pay in full $6,500

Payment Plan: $3,000 up front + 2 monthly payments of $1,750 (or 4 equal installments of $1,625)


You are smart, intelligent and work too hard to not enjoy your money.  


Book in for a call today to harness your Financial Chi and start living YOUR version of financial freedom, not someone else’s.


Talk to you soon, and Cheers to your prosperity!