Hi There!

In this workshop, you will learn what is REALLY causing you to struggle with money.  Hint: It is not because you are bad with money and buy too many coffees! 

At the end of the workshop you'll remove those barriers and prioritize your desires, not someone else's.     

Grab some paper or a journal, a pen, and get ready to keep more of your hard-earned money WITHOUT sacrificing the things you love.  


How are you?

My name is Chioma.

Feel free to call me Chi (like "cheese") or Chi chi.

I'm an accountant and cash flow warrior on a mission to help more amazing souls, like you, prosper, without sacrificing the things you need and want.  With financial prosperity, you can live your life, fully, and also help others to do the same. 

Thank you for sharing your time with me.  

Cheers to your prosperity!