Making money IS yoga-like...

So is having it!


Achieve Financial Control

-For yoga professionals

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Have you been told "You shouldn't expect to make money in yoga" by the instructor of your 200-hour teacher program as well as your peers?


Do you feel guilty charging your students for your classes, workshops, and programs?

...or for asking your studio for a raise let alone the paycheck you earned?  

Perhaps you have a large community, a healthy social media following, and well-attended classes, yet you can barely make ends meet


And of course, you have been told,

"Making money is not yoga-like!" 


You have bills to pay and personal needs of your own.

Continuing education classes are not going to pay for themselves.

Oh! There's bookkeeping and taxes (wait...are those yoga pants tax deductible?).

My fellow yoga professional and friend,

I need to be real with you...

What you've been taught about money has been causing you to reject money and mismanage your finances.

And it's not your fault.

Chances are:

You've read the money mindset books, recited money affirmations in front of your mirror, and listened to quite a few money-related podcasts.


And I'm sure you've enhanced your money-making skills by taking one of those online courses and group coaching programs that fulfilled its promise of 10X-ing your income.   



Almost none of the money mindset books, online courses, and coaches teach you how to take care of your money when it comes in.


...instead, they tell you to talk to your bookkeeper or accountant.

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How would it feel to:  

  • Shift away from the stress of being a broke yogi/yogini to confidently know there is money in your bank account to invest in yourself, eliminate debt, pay yourself, and have fun? 

  • Remove abundance blocking beliefs like “making money is not yoga-like” or “no one will want to pay for my classes” and replace them with your own abundance growing beliefs such as “money is a resource that helps me spread the gift of yoga”?

  • Never worry about taxes and unexpected expenses because you have planned ahead?  ​


  • Be so in love with your yoga business because money no longer holds you back from being of service to your community and enables you to do your part to elevate this planet? 


My friend, have no fear!


Your financial fairy godmother is here!

I promise I will not tell you to click your heels three times while saying “There’s no place like home!”

But seriously, I am 'that' accountant, who does bookkeeping, those courses and coaches tell you to work with. 

I am also a yoga teacher.


However, bookkeeping alone will not change your financial circumstances.


What you also need is a proven system that puts you in complete control of your business and personal finances while honoring the yogic way of being so that you can finally start living your prosperous life.  

Prosperity is your birthright. 



It all begins with a free chat with yours truly!

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The Practice:
Achieve Financial Control
Your path to keeping more of your hard-earned money without sacrificing the things you love


6 month (renewable) container to help you grow your bank accounts because you are yoga-like


Small, intimate group of 3 - 4 yoga professionals that provides community with like-minded people who are committed to spreading the gift of yoga


1:1 support and partnership for each yoga professional 

Sessions will take place weekly during the first 30 days to give room for proper integration. After the first month, sessions will be bi-weekly (fortnightly).  Each session will be up to 90 minutes in length. 




Wait!  There's More! 

​Make Money Work For You Deep Dive

During this 60 - 90 minute deep dive we discuss your BIG vision. This clarity call sets the tone for your money to ensure it serves you. 

Achieve Financial Control for Yoga Professionals


6 monthly payments of: $600 

Phase One: Grounding (Month 1)

The 30 Day Bank Account Detox

This is confidential done-for-you grounding experience begins the process of achieving financial control by helping you understand your current financial picture. Taking a deep dive into your bookkeeping, I will help you find your hidden cash, plug existing money leaks, and upgrade your financial habits. And if you don't have books, I'll create them for you. 

Phase Two: Transformation (Months 2, 3, & 4)

Control Your Cash Flow

Continue growing your bank accounts by following a cash flow plan customized to the needs of you and your yoga business. This puts you, as the CEO and owner, in charge of the flow and intention of your cash.

Overcome Limiting Beliefs on Prosperity

You don't have to choose between money and spirituality. And let's put an end to feeling guilty for charging your students. Here we will unpack your money story to get to the source of your limiting beliefs about money. Togther, we will clear the beliefs that limit you and replace them with beliefs that empower you.

Phase Three: Surrender (Months 5 & 6)

Plan to Profit, Mindfully

Profit is intentional, not accidental. It requires you to be present and humble. Boost your profits by following a plan that enables you to work smarter not harder.


Yoga is a practice. It is something we return to over and over again, on and off the mat. Your money is part of your yoga practice. Through the repetition of your cash flow and profit plan, which includes applying your upgraded mindset along the way, you'll witness your business shift from cash strapped into the legacy building, money-making machine it is meant to be.

At the end of 6 months you will have more money in your bank accounts and more to give to yourself and your community. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What exactly is Achieve Financial Control for Yogis?

Achieve Financial Control for Yogis is a financial framework that supports you in building and strengthening your financial system. A 'system', loosely defined, is a set of things or elements that work together to support a whole body. That body is your business. That means Achieve Financial Control for Yogis serves to implement or fill in the holes in your financial system so that the financial system effectively supports your business.


One element of your finance system is cash flow. With my support, you will learn how to direct the flow of your cash and strengthen your relationship with your money.


Another element of your finance system is profit. Together we will also improve the profitability of your business by implementing routines and habits that best align with you.


The third element of your finance system involves bookkeeping (tracking your finances). Throughout our time together, I will do your bookkeeping, which, gives you time to focus on nurturing the rest of your business. The bookkeeping also helps us understand what is driving your success by providing accountability and the opportunity to monitor the impact of the financial routines we have put in place to support you and your business. 


The fourth element in the system is mindset. Monthly, we will come together, as a community (you, me, and the other 1 or yoga professionals in this experience) to collectively discuss our relationship with money as well as other topics, as they arise. More importantly, it is important to share space with those, who are pursuing the same path. 

In short, I am to be your temporary finance function that puts money into your bank account. No unnecessary sacrifices, such as coffees, are necessary. 

​Who is Achieve Financial Control for Yogis "best" for?

This experience is for the yoga professional, who is in business and earns less than $100k, in revenue, per year. If you are a yoga professional, who is in business, and you earn at least $100k or more in revenue, from your business, please consider Achieve Financial Control. 

More than the suggested revenue, this experience is specifically for the yoga professional that wants to improve their relationship with money, establish a supportive financial function, and keep more of their hard-earned money in order to make better business decisions for their community, loved ones, friends, and especially themselves.

​How is Achieve Financial Control for Yogis different from other coaching programs and courses?

Achieve Financial Control for Yogis is not a "typical" coaching program or course. There are no modules and Q&A sessions per se. Furthermore, I won't be doing a weekly 90-minute webinar-style lecture that has you scribbling notes as you try to retain the information shared. More importantly, you will not be left alone, struggling to interpret and implement what you have learned.


I write the above not to put down other courses and coaching styles but to highlight what this experience is not.


What this experience IS is an opportunity to implement and practice a new way of being, thinking, and acting in order to achieve a different result. 


​Why does my business need a financial system?

 Money is the lifeblood of any business. It is also a resource that serves you and, by extension, your community. In order for money to be the resource that serves you, you need a system or process that helps you be a good steward of money.


Achieve Financial Control for Yogis helps you be a good steward of money, which, as a by-product, is why you keep more of your hard-earned money without sacrificing the things you love. Now that is very yoga-like.


Why is Achieve Financial Control for Yogis six months long?

During this 60 - 90 minute deep dive we discuss your BIG vision. This clarity call sets the tone for your money to ensure it serves you. 

​What is Achieve Financial Control for Yogis?

During this 60 - 90 minute deep dive we discuss your BIG vision. This clarity call sets the tone for your money to ensure it serves you.